Can I use stackerHQ as a SAAS and be somewhat scalable?

Hi there,

I would like to make an incident management system.

  • Accept payment via Stripe for access

  • Admin signs up as a user, creates their company, can it create a separate DB for each company?

  • Any company can login to our public website, and it somehow takes them to their own area


Hi @Rhys_Hughes
You can’t have a different DB for companies. Personalization options based on the companies are also very limited.

Hey @Rhys_Hughes

You could absolutely build some type of incident management system with Stacker that has permissions so specific users only have access to some particular information.

The feasibility of implementing specific features, functionality, scalability, and integrations will vary—the devil is in the details. For a startup, Stacker is a solid starting point and can support initial growth. You may need to employ Zapier/ for additional automation and capabilities, as well as some custom code here and there, to extend the functionality. With Stacker, you trade off some customization and functionality for speed of development.

As your needs become more complex, especially regarding design, user experience, security, performance, and general scalability, you’ll need to weigh the benefits of more technical solutions. Stacker is great for quickly building internal tools and portals, but a bespoke SaaS with a sophisticated look and feel necessitates a more traditional web development approach. Still, there are no-code and low-code tools that make this much speedier than it was 5-10+ years ago.

Feel free to reach out if you have similar questions.