Highlight all the input fields

Hello I woul like to netter highlight all the input field in EDIT mode using a CSS

I tried this one
.stk-field input { border: 2px solid blue; border-radius: 10px; }

but not all input fields are highlighted
if someone have a better idea , thanks a lot

It looks like the Select fields are specific targets, for example, mine looks like this:

{border: 2px solid blue; border-radius: 10px; }

thanks Brittany i don’t catch (but I don’t know much about css :grinning:)

here is xhat I have

but some fields (as liste … and othersd ) are not highlightes in blue

Using right click > inspect you can find the classes that are specific to the other inputs:

Then target based on .css-xxxxx yours will be different than mine.

it woks thanks a lot
seems more complicated for rich text fields :sweat_smile: