Usability struggles with multiple users on Comment Notifications

Not sure if this has been raised before, but we’ve had a number of our users say “the comments do not seem to be working”

Upon further investigation, we observed that users are trying click / tap this area here.

This is a fairly common UI pattern to enable this area as a hyperlink. Do you think it makes sense to change this? Or are there other UI dependencies that need to be accounted for?

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Hi @afroleft

Thank you for sharing this UI issue, It would make sense for the actual comment to be clickable rather than the title of the record, especially in this instance as the title “M1” looks to be rather small. I have passed this onto our product designer, the only workaround I have for this at the moment is to make the title of the record longer so that users can see the blue hyperlink.

Appreciate the feedback and workaround, thank you :n)

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