Can't lookup stacker fields

Hi. I have 2 Airtable data sources. Let’s call them AIR1 and AIR2

In AIR1 there are 2 tables: AIR1.Deals and AIR1.Enquiries

AIR1.Deals is linked to AIR2.Deals
But there’s no AIR2 connection for Enquiries

There’s a field in AIR2.Deals that I want to be able to lookup in AIR1.Enquiries

AIR1.Enquiries is linked to AIR1.Deals which is connected to AIR2.Deals

I created a Stacker field in AIR1.Deals hoping I was able to get the information from there in AIR1.Enquiries

But unless it’s a Airtable synced field it doesn’t see to be possible to make a lookup for it. Is that correct?

Is it possible to make a lookup in AIR1.Enquiries for the data on AIR2.Deals through AIR1.Deals?

I hope my explanation is not too confusing :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi @catalin,

You can create links between tables in Stacker itself, more information can be found in this article.

Thanks for your reply. However, it was confirmed by chat support that using stacker fields to create links is not possible.