Airtable synced tables

Hi all!

Does anybody work with Airtable synced tables? I’m having trouble integrating them in Stacker and need advice.

Here’s my setup, dumbed down for clarity:

  • Base called “Foods”
    • Table called “Fruits”
  • Base called “My lists”
    • Synced table “Fruits” from the Foods base.
    • Table called “Errands”
      • Column called “Fruits to get at the market” that is Linked Records from “Fruits” synced table.

This gives me 3 errors:

  • When I try to sync Airtable schema in Stacker, it give me all greens but says some columns are unsupported. I presume it’s “Fruits to get at the market”.
  • When I go to the fields settings and click on the “Fruits to get at the market” field’s gear icon to edit filters and stuff, the screen goes all white
  • When I try to edit that field in an “Errands” record, it doesn’t find anything.

Am I doing something wrong?

I do know that they don’t support Barcodes or the button field, not sure what some of the others though.

The white screen sounds like a bug, if so you are best contacting their support.

Hi @Eric_Lord

Supported Airtable Data Types

A description of the support for each Airtable data type in Stacker

Fully Supported

  • Single line text, Long text and Rich text

  • Checkbox

  • Single select and Multiple select

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Link to another record

  • Autonumber

  • Attachment

"Smart" fields

These fields are read-only in Stacker because they are calculated fields in Airtable. They are supported as long as the result of the calculation is a string or a number. Otherwise the result will not be rendered correctly.

  • Formula – Formulas are supported when the result is of types text, number, date or percentage. They support percentage and currency formatting for numbers.

  • Lookup – A lookup of a link to another record will correctly display as a link in Stacker

  • Rollup

Partial support

The fields are supported, but Stacker does not display the formatting settings you configure in Airtable. When data is saved in Stacker, it will still appear correctly in Airtable.

  • Number

  • Date

  • Currency - The currency symbol is imported, but not the precision

  • Percent

  • Created time and Last modified time [read only]

Other field types:

  • URL - This can now be embedded either as a clickable button or onto your page.

Not supported

These fields are not imported into your Stacker.

  • Barcode

  • Collaborator

  • Duration

  • Button

I have received your message through support and have replied to that regrading the white screen issue.