Customer Access not showing

Is the “customer access” section of the settings no longer available? I just created a trial account and I tried to follow along with the create a customer portal video, but don’t see the customer access menu option.

Hi @Justin_Wilcox

We have implemented a new user model to try and simplify setting up your users, more information on this can be found in the link below -

I followed this link which in step one suggests navigating to the Customer Access tab. Similar to @Justin_Wilcox , I’m wondering if that tab is no longer available. if so, how do we proceed? Thanks!

Hi, I also followed your link. In the link, the Customer Access tab was naturally in the app settings. However, in my own app settings, I cannot find such tabs. It seemed to be deleted or removed. Do you have any solution to this?

Sorry for the confusion, the help documentation has moved. You can find information on the new user model in the link below -

Customer access is no longer available.

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