Graphic - add some color

hey, guys, I would like to know if in CSS possible to add some color to a graph.
for example here :
If the number > X put this color.

Is that possible?

Hi @miguel, I don’t believe this is possible at the moment. If you could add any details about your use case to this post on our feature request board that would be really helpful!

Challenge accepted!


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Cannot be easily done, not with CSS only.

But can be achieved with JS + CSS, requires custom dev, though.


Very impressive :slight_smile: I need to brush up on my JS, clearly!

Ah wow!
excellent @Ambroise !

Can you share how you do that?

@miguel It’s a bit complicated to explain, because I use a system specific to Stacker. It’s not simply a JS script that can be shared.

But I’ll be happy to build something custom for you, here are a few links about me:

And here is my calendar if you’d like to meet: