How can a user search for another user using identifying information in multiple fields?

Here’s the scenario: A new client signs up with coach on Calendly and enters a Referrer text field. It might be part of a name or a Discord username. The coach using the Stacker app wants to enter the new client’s information and not just enter the raw Referrer text but use it to try to identify the referrer and link to their record, maybe by matching the Name or the Discord Username. How would they do that in the New Client form? And the referrer text may not be an exact match - maybe the new client wrote “John G” and the coach needs to search the database to find the proper match like “John Gattis”. Or they just entered the first or last name and the coach has to make a best guess from what they find in the database. Once they find the right match, they need to somehow link the records. Any suggestions how to do that?..

Hi Tory,

I’m not sure I quite follow the entire process here, you can always reach out to for faster responses and we can dive into your app directly.

From what I understand a few features that may help you out would be the Dynamic data filtering, so they can input the raw the data and based on this it will show the correct coach in the coaches field.

- Dynamic data filtering

Let me know if this helps!
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Thanks Brittany. That Dynamic data filtering is pretty slick functionality I’m sure I’ll use elsewhere, but doesn’t seem to work for me here. I think this is complex enough I’ll just leave it to manual admin work to find the matching record. It’s also an issue of privacy - I can’t have people see other client names in the database, even when populating a drop-down to select from.

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