User can view only first matching record, not all matching records

I am trialing Stacker; all is going well except for one issue. I have set up user permissions so that the user can see records that match the user’s profile. I assume that this filters on the user’s email address, which is a field in the record.

Two records match the user’s email address; however, only the first record appears on the first page when the user logs in (layout = “Rows”).

The problem seems to be that there cannot be two users with the same email address (logical). But Stacker created the user list from the email address field.

How can a user see multiple records that are associated with the same email address?

Can you give more details on your table and the permissions that you’ve set. Maybe a screenshot.

Hi @Verifyi9

If you could give some more information with screenshots etc as Ruchika has asked for we may have some more context to help.

Alternatively if you do not want to share screenshots, please feel free to contact and we will be able to help you from there.