How do I crowdsource and log promotion ideas?

My volunteer life coaches need to promote their coaching practice, and there are lots of potential ways to do this. I’d like to keep lots of options in a table for them to browse and add new ones. They should also be able to indicate they did one of the promotions, which should both increase its popularity (want to be able to sort them by most popular) as well as log that that user did that promotion on that date so we can both see a time log of all the promotions a coach has done and eventually correlate all that data with referrals that come in (tracked separately and I know that analysis will require export to another tool like Excel). Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Which tables, which fields, how are they connected, and how would I use Actions to make it easy for a coach to indicate they did one of the promotions and log it? Any advice greatly appreciated…

Hi Tory,

This would be its own table called, lets just say, “Promotions”. Give users the ability to edit and add new records.

Create a link to the users table that can be updated by the coaches.
Using an action button that updates the field for users with their record if they use it.

Then use a rollup field of the Coaches to count how many are in the field. Then sort the list by that field

The timelog would need to be its own table as well. Set up very similarly as its own table linked to the users and the Promotions table. You may be able to set this up with an action button as well, but I think the autofill may be the best option:

Let me know if you have further questions!

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This is great - thank you Brittany!