Tracking user edits and new record creation

I use stacker to manage grant reporting and trainee reporting for a huge university. I created a portal that allows the faculty to update information about their grants and trainees. This information is kept in an Airtable database. Is there a way or does anyone have any recommendations for how I can be made aware of any edits or new record creations in airtable without asking the faculty to inform me every time they use the portal and edit/create documents? Thanks for your help and suggestions.

Hi @amym

For record creation, you should be able to set up created by field to see who has created a new record, more information on how to do this here.

For being notified when users edit a record, at the moment there isn’t a way to do this at the moment please vote for this feature on our features request board.

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You also have options on the Airtable side, where you can use the Automations to set up triggers to carry out specified actions. The triggers include entry creation and event editing, and also “when record enters view”, so you can have very fine control over the records you want notifications for. The actions to associate with triggers include sending emails (the possibilities have expanded a lot over the last year-plus, so you can also send notifications to Slack, or many other choices). For the task you describe, I would also add an AT dashboard (or Interface) that shows a filtered record list of recently edited records (would also be useful to make a graph giving visual feedback on activity over time).


Ian this is the 2nd time ive seen you make this suggestion however, automating edits in airtable only gives you the identity of the the user whose API key you are using, at this time, even with automated updates there is absolutely no way to tell which user made the edit via stacker.


Not sure about second time making these suggestions, as this was my very first post here… Anyway, just trying to help out: the original question only asks for “how I can be made aware of any edits or new record creations in airtable”, for which automations seems a good approach. But yes, if you further add a requirement of wanting to know the identity of the users making changes then you will run up against the API limitation, although even there it’s possible to do some things, eg pulling in a linked record field to the user who creates a new entry, as Stacker support suggested.

yes, that is the issue I am currently facing. I have automations set up but every time I receive one it says I made the edit to the record even though it wasn’t me.