How do I populate two fields automatically based on the value of a first field in the "Add New" page?

When I create a new invoice with “Add New”, I have to select a dropdown value - Provider - whose values come from the ‘Provider’ table. The provider record should have a “company” value and an “equipment” value which also go into the new invoice, that I need to autopopulate whenever I select different providers.e

I.E. Selecting “Provider 1” in the Provider field, changes the Company field to “Company 1” and the Equipment field to “Equipment 1”. Changing “Provider 1” to “Provider 2” in the Provider field, changes the Company field to “Company 2” and the Equipment field to “Equipment 2”, and so on.

Suggestions on how to achieve this?

Hi Manu,

If you are using Airtable, this can be set up with an Automation or you can also set it up with Zapier.

The other option would be to set up Dynamic Data Filtering for the fields that follow so the only option when selecting “Provider 1” is selecting “Equipment 1” etc.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Brittany,

Thanks a lot! I’m actually using Airtable but I haven’t been able to figure out how to set up the automation correctly (and ChatGPT hasn’t been much help, tbh) so that the two additional fields are automatically populated. - If you’ve got some pointers I’d love to learn!

Thanks again!

Hi Manu,

The automation would look like:

  • When record created
  • conditions: Provider 1 is selected as provider
  • then record is updated to Equipment 1 and Company 1.

Does this help?