How to create a Custom Page containing Calendar View and also Table with Rows for the same data?

Hi Everyone!

I’m loving Stacker! I have a table that contains events (date/time, description, signups etc.) Trying to create a Custom Page that displays these events as a Calendar View but also a Table containing rows of the events. Is there any way to do this? When I add a table data widget, it doesn’t seem to offer the Display = Calendar option. If I create a Table Page, then it allows me to choose Display = Calendar.

Not sure how to troubleshoot this! Thanks!

Hi there,

Custom pages does not allow for showing the Calendar view. You may be able to embed a calendar using the Embed Widget.


Maybe this is a odd workaround but can I make a page which contains the calendar view and then somehow use the url to embed it into the Custom Page?

You could try this! You can also embed an Airtable view into an embed widget.

it worked, thanks!!!

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