How to create photo gallery in app page?

I have an AirTable table for which one of the columns contains attachments of photos. I’d like to have these photos displayed in an app page as a photo gallery. So maybe it could be something like the Cards layout but only shows the photo (3 of them in a row) with some scroll or Next option at the bottom.

Not sure how to do this as when I selected Profile Image in the cards Cover Image option, it doesn’t show any field as selectable. in my AirTable it is “Attachments” column name.

Hi there,

Photos that are part of the record can only show one photo in the profile view, header, listing photo, etc. (Help with other layout types)

When on the detail page you will see all of the photos as thumbnails that are clickable and then they can be clicked through.

You may be able to use the embed option to show your photos in a slideshow.

Hope this helps!