Is it possible to remove the "Add New" button

Hello everyone, hope you guys are all doing great! I am having trouble with removing the “Add New” Button on the profile Page.

I have a profile page where an employer can see “All Profiles” of employees. I have set the permissions in a way that are read only, however, I still see the “Add New” Button at the top of the page. The permissions are working as intended as the employer cannot create records for other people, however, he can now continue to create multiple profiles at random.

Solution Attempted
I have setup one record only view so once the record is created, the user sees only one record which is powered by the “Created By” field. That works great for viewing an individual record. However, when I have all records view, I can see the add button… Is there a way to remove or control this? It doesn’t seem like I can turn it off. Really looking forward to the response.

Thank you!

Hi @Divjot_M

If you have set your permissions to read only, the user should not have the ability to create a new record.

You need to preview as a user to see this. If you are still in admin mode you will always see the add new button.
Please read through our troubleshooting documentation on this.

If you have any further issues please contact

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Yes, I was able sort it out. Thank you!

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We have use cases where we want to suppress the “Add New” button(s), but still want to provide the ability for users to create records through a prefill link we provide. Barring any specific functionality Stacker would roll out to support this, is the only option to hide those elements via CSS?

Hi @matthew

That’s correct, the only option at the moment is to still have permissions to allow record creation, but hide the button with CSS.