How to get the Add New button to appear?

I am trying to get the Add New button to appear for a related record list. I have the “Allow creating new records from this list” box checked off. Airtable is set to allow the creation of new records. What would prevent the Add New button from appearing?

Maybe check the permission for the Linked Table and the Linked Fields.

I had this issue. I couldn’t for the life of me work out why the Add New button wasn’t rendering on a related records list.

The detail page I was building had filters set to show the user’s record as the ‘one record only’, when I removed the filter, checked the ‘Allow creating new records from the list’ checkbox and saved, it worked! Then I was able to add the filters back in and save again. give this a shot.

Thank you all! I figured out I had a couple of linked fields and was pulling the incorrect one.

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