Is there a choice limit on drop-down multi-selects and how is it handled?

I have a People table that may eventually get to hundreds or even thousands of rows. I have a Sessions table for recording coaching, advisory, and training sessions. It has an Attendees field, Link to Multiple Records (in the People table). When a user is creating a new session and wants to select Attendees, what happens when the number of drop-down options (people in this case) is too large? Is there a limit? Will it crash? Ideally, it waits for them to type the first few letters of an attendee’s name and then gives them a few matches to pick from?

Hi Tory,

This should not crash, there will be a limit of how many show but if they are typing in the letters that will help limit what shows to what they are looking for.

Hope this helps!

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Perfect! Thanks Brittany!

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