New Admin Experience and Stacker Tables

Hi folks! I’m Oli and I’m Stacker’s new Community Manager. Feel free to reach out for a chat - I love NoCode tools and building software without having to write code.

But enough about me - there’s a couple of excellent product updates I wanted to make you aware of:

Firstly, we’ve introduced a new and improved Admin experience. Here are some highlights:

  • See all your data, right from Stacker — you can now view & edit data across all Data Sources within Stacker. This saves you having to jump back to your Airtable or Google Sheet to get a full view of your data.
  • Access all settings from one place — all your admin controls have been neatly arranged in a floating side tray so you can easily jump from editing your pages to accessing the Data Grid, and then to managing your Users and adjusting your app settings.
  • Preview As in one click — with a single click you can now see your app as your users do, right from the side tray.

Secondly, we’re introducing Stacker Tables to allow you to store data in Stacker. We’ve learned that not all data that you want to use to power Stacker apps is in a spreadsheet, so we’ve built Stacker Tables which allows you to store data in Stacker directly. As with all our data sources you can mix and match this with data from any other source like Airtable and Google Sheets.

Let us know your thoughts on these updates below :point_down:t2:

All the best,

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