"Stacker Hyper Fast Sync" using Zenploy - How to bring down the Stacker Sync delay from 15-5mn to 10 seconds!

:wave: Hey,

I have just released a training course on my latest discovery, Stacker (see Slack #showcase), which allows for refreshing data in Stacker even when changes occur outside of Stacker (via automations, other apps, manual input, etc.).

:point_right: This essentially brings down the sync delay from 15mn to 10 seconds!

I have created an express training course (20 minutes, 60 minutes if you want to understand how it works), and here is the link to the course, if you are interested! Alternatively, that’s also something I can setup for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S: The launch discount is valid for 7 days only!

:point_right: In this video, I talk about use-cases where our business suffered from the Stacker delay.

Additionally, I’ve fixed those 2 issues within 30mn, using my “Stacker Hyper Fast Sync” solution:

  • Issue N°1 (Airtable automation, calculating the “summary” of the student’s availabilities): From manual to automatic refresh, within 8-20 seconds after the user saved on Stacker.
  • Issue N°2 (VideoAsk integration): From manual to automatic refresh, within 12-20 seconds after the video was recorded on VideoAsk (instead of <15mn)

This is going to reduce our daily support requests from end-users who were confused by those delay, and will effectively save our time (and money).

:point_right: Those 2 examples (and how I fixed them) are now part of the formation!

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