FAQ - How often is data updated in Stacker?

Changes made in Stacker are updated immediately in the Airtable base. Whereas, changes made directly in the base update in Stacker ever 15 minutes.

We do have a fast sync feature available as a paid add on to all existing Stacker plans priced at $79/month. With fast sync, we are able to refresh all your data every 5 minutes, and sometimes up to every minute if not too much data is changing at once.

More on cache frequency here - Cache Frequency - Stacker

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Hi Chelsea,

How Reliable is the sync feature supposed to be? Asking because it doesn’t seem my Airtable data is getting fetched every 15 minutes.


FYI I don’t have a lot of data in that base (< 150 records all tables combined), so I don’t think that can be the issue.

Hi @Lucien

The updates are every 15mins. We have an issue with UI at the moment, where it is showing the incorrect sync times.