Test Automation a application build on stacker

My Company has a application created with stacker and i need to do a proof of concept about the Automation in Testing and maybe find one framework which is good to us for that.

we have here some problems with the locaters.
first: all elements are in divs and didnt have setted Id’s. we only can locate the elemts with xpath.
they are maybe more problems but am not yet an expert on the subject.

my Question is: Did u anyone know, which framework,tools is good to go for automate tests for slacker Applications? or what factors do i need to consider when choosing frameworks/tools?

Hi @Keller, welcome! :wave:

For your question about CSS: as you’ve discovered, the CSS for many elements are auto–generated, meaning they can change. There is a list of classes that don’t change in this doc: Custom CSS

For your second question, could you tell me a bit more about what you’re hoping to achieve with automating tests?

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Hey thankyou first, that u Answered that fast.

The problem is that we don’t have multiple environments where we can test separately. That means after we go live, tests can and must take place on the live environments. Now the question is: how useful is automation ? is automation only useful if the test dont change the datas ? so tests that only verifying if certain buttons work etc. (automate that?) a test that changes data then also changes the live data, which can lead to a big problem if build the tests incorrectly.

So to what extent is automation of tests possible and useful? Of course we want to improve the quality of the application and save resources if automation is possible. we want to use our tester otherwise and try to automate testcases when possible.

I have to create a POC and analyze how useful automation of the tests is for the Stacker Application and create a test concept.

we have in the application: buttons, search function, tables, add new button, …

That’s really helpful context, thank you. I don’t think that building an automated test suite as you described is feasible for apps built within Stacker.

What I’d suggest is manual testing of processes whenever you make a major change to your app - you can preview as any user (or a particular role) to make sure workflows are all working correctly. For any outages, you can follow our status page. For any other issues, do feel free to reach out to our support team through the support widget.

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