Automatically Open Next Record After Editing a Record

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using Stacker integrated with Airtable and I’m facing an issue I could use some help with.

I have a table of records in Stacker, which I am manually editing one by one. What I’m hoping to achieve is to have the next record automatically open for editing whenever I save changes to the current one. This way, I can seamlessly move through the list without needing to manually select each record.

To put it into steps:

  1. Click to open a record from the table.
  2. Edit the record.
  3. Save the record.
  4. Automatically, the next record opens for editing.

Is there a feature or workaround in Stacker or Airtable that would allow me to do this? I appreciate any insights or suggestions.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @Berk_Ozer1

This isn’t possible at the moment, there is a request for a next and previous button on records for editing flow, you can vote for the feature here.

Otherwise please feel free to add this feature and any features you would like to see on our features request board.