Users not being added to User Table, despite being in my base

Hey there, we have been using Stacker for over a year as a portal where our community users can update their profile via an edit profile link. Previously Stacker just added users automatically when they are added to a table in my airtable base.

However I have just had 20~ people added to my “people” table on my airtable and Stacker is not adding them as users and giving them a link. I have read the docs and it says I can choose ‘manual’ or ‘automatic’ mode, but that does not come up as an option when I try to re-add the table.

I have 1,446 people on my people table, but stacker is stuck on 1,395 users. Some are duplicates with duplicate emails, but the new people are’nt being added. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong as there just seems to be a lack of options to hit. I am not new to no-code and am comfortable in Bubble or webflow but this has me stumped.

Generally, I find the UI of Stacker very frusturating and segmented, but I can usually find where the options are kept. This time I am really stuck. Can someone please help?

Hi @Zac_Hardman, welcome to the community!

Could you check if your users who aren’t being imported have any extra spaces in their email address, like at the end? Special characters like spaces mean Stacker won’t recognise the email in the user table.

Hey Oli,

I have checked and none of the emails have spaces or special characters. Pics attached.

Image 1: Existing connection showing 1395 people. Image 2: setting up the connection again, showing 1449 people. This is still outdated as it is now at 1478 people on my base. Once the users connection ismade, it reverts to showing 1395 people.

How do I add the other 80 people? Previously they were automatically synced and the links sent to my base.

This is what it used to send back to my airtable, a link specific to that users profile.

It also looks like your docs are out of date. I don’t get an option to select manual or automatic sync as stated in the docs and outlined in the below gif. Could this be the reason its not working for me?

Screen Recording 2022-06-22 at 17_08_03

Hi Zac, sorry that didn’t work - I’d say at this point it’s best to go straight to support (either via the support@ email address or the support widget in app) as they’d be able to diagnose the issue more thoroughly. Sorry I couldn’t help this time!