User profile/permissions for a customer is not working

What to check when profile and permissions are not working for one specific customer in customer access.

To troubleshoot, go to your Stacker user table (yourapp/users), toggle on the profile field and check if the customer haven’t issues has a profile link. If not, this means their user profile is not working properly.

In most cases, the issue is that the email in your data source (customer list table) does not match the email address in the Stacker user table. When customers are imported from your customer list to the Stacker user table, any spaces and capitalizations are removed from the email.

:exclamation:If you are experiencing this issue, please check in your data source that the customer’s email address does not contain any spaces or capitalizations.

We are currently working on fixing this issue on our end to prevent this problem. In the meantime, if you find that many of the email addresses in the data source contain spaces or capitalizations, I would recommend creating a formula field with the following formula:


This formula will remove any spaces and caps from the email address. Then you can use this field instead for the customer list email field and user profile.

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