We have created a large Brand Plan that you can build and manage your multiple brands!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are well and doing great…This is Sezay from London. A no-code designer and Stacker Expert

I would like to introduce you the Planbrand App which is a Multiple Brand Management platform.

I built that in 6 months using Stacker, Airtable and Webflow.

Planbrand V1 is now ready to onboard new brand owners to explore the app and have a chance to improve together.

I have recorded an onboarding video and can not wait to hear your feedback about it.

I am hoping that this app will help all brand owners to manage their brands and grow their brand empire with ease.

With Planbrand V1 You will be able to

✓ Create company account
✓ Add Unlimited Brands
✓ Create your brand story
✓ Create your brand guideline
✓ Give access to your team members
✓ Create Customer Profiles for every brand and product you created
✓ Create Landing Page Wireframes
✓ Add Unlimited Products or Services
✓ Get 1:1 support to grow your brand
✓ Meet and introduce your brand to the other brand owners
✓ Get feedback and improvement suggestions on your brand
✓ Add Notes for your brand

(V2) Planbrand V2 Planned FeaturesPlan your website and Render with one click
(V2) Manage your brands e-commerce orders
(V2) Manage Wholesale orders like Faire and Ankorstore
(V2) Render your Brand guidelines with one click

Register here to get started for free

Watch the onboarding video


This is so awesome Sezay, thanks for sharing! Amazing to see what you’ve done with Stacker :rocket:

Hi Oli! Much appreciated. I am looking forward to launching V2 with lots of new features… Very glad to hear that!