Building AI into your Stacker app with Chat GPT and Zapier

A few days ago ChatGPT came to Zapier, which means you can now use OpenAI in Stacker. I played around with it a bit: using Zapier + Chat GPT to auto generate blog posts in Stacker.

If you’d like me to write up a tutorial for this just comment below :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Have you seen any way to use Chat GPT & Stacker to help other departments besides marketing? Like customer service?

That’s a good question, for customer service in particular. I think it’s still very early days for Chat GPT, and it would be too much of a risk to implement anything that talks to a customer directly. But I could imagine a use case for internal summaries - “Here are the kinds of issues we’re facing this week” etc.

I think you’d have to play around with it and see! Before you build any automations into your app you can test the kinds of things it does in the OpenAI Playground.