Zapier test data missing

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build a super simple Zapier Automation: starting from table 1 I want to create a new linked record in a second table with two filled fields, the first is the linked record to the starting point itself, the second is another linked record to a third table, this value is also in the first table.

The issue is that the test data Zapier pulls from Stacker are totally random. I need to pull a record with the second field filled (the connection to the third table), but Zapier only pulls 3 totally random records from table 1 that don’t have connections, so I can’t map the second field in Zapier.

Any suggestion?

Hi @leonardomaccagnola, welcome to the community!

I believe that Zapier will generally bring in the last created record, so if you were to create a new test record in Table 1 that includes all the fields you need (including the link to Table 2) then go to Zapier and click “Load more” on the test records it should bring in that record.

You can then delete the test record.

Hi @oli,
thanks for the quick reply.

I noticed that Zapier brings in the first 3 records listed in Stacker when no sorting rule is applied, but this is not the order of record creation. I created a new record and still nothing, but you gave me an idea: I just temporarily connected one of those 3 records, ran the test and the field was there, did the mapping, and then deleted that connection. Now the zap is working.

Thanks a lot!


Glad to hear it’s working!