Duplicating a record as an end user

Hi folks, here’s another tutorial for Stacker and Zapier - how to create a button so your users can duplicate a record.

Screen Recording 2023-01-09 at 14.23.11

In this example, we’re going to allow our users to duplicate an invoice record. We’ll pull through some data, but not all, to allow users to customise the appropriate fields in the duplicate.

Firstly, we’re going to set up an Action Button in Stacker


We’re going to tell this action button to Trigger Zap from Zapier, and call the button Duplicate Record.


Stacker is good to go! Let’s head over to Zapier.

We want to create a Zap where the trigger is the Stacker event “Action Button Clicked”

Choose your Stacker account, then find your App, the correct Table, and the name of the Action button:

Lastly, test your trigger - it should pull in some sample data from your table. Make sure you have at least one record in the Stacker table for it to pull in or it will throw up an error!

Now, the final stretch - we want to configure the action in Zapier. We’re going to ask Zapier to Create New Record in Stacker:

Again, choose your account, your app, and the table you want the new record to be created. It can be a different table (or app!) if you’d like.

Zapier will now show you a list of all the new fields that you can prefill for the duplicated record. You don’t have to fill them all - leave them blank if you want the duplicated record to not pull through all the data from the original record.

To fill a field in the new record, click on the input box below it and find the relevant field from the action stage of the Zap:

Now, test your action - if it succeeds, you’ll see a duplicate record appear in your app! Over in Stacker, try previewing as one of your users, and you’ll see they can easily duplicate the record with a click of a button.

Let me know if you have any questions!