Advanced Intercom integration for Stacker (customer support, CRM, etc.)

If you use Intercom (or want to), here is a showcase with advanced tracking, to automatically send data stored from Airtable (and available on Stacker) into your Intercom CRM.

:popcorn: Watch the demo (3mn)

This Intercom integration is useful to automatically create/update contacts into Intercom, building up your CRM, while allowing users to get in touch with you through the chatbot.

For support/sales, it’s critical to have meaningful information right there, to better assist/advise customers. But this requires a custom integration, so that it is specific to your business and your needs.

If you’d like to have a custom integration that fits your use-cases, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

Example of a Contact, where user properties are automatically enriched whenever they use Stacker: