New and improved features at Stacker!

If you add carrots to concrete, it makes it stronger. But also, here are this week’s updates to Stacker!

:newspaper_roll: New

  • We made a few changes to how we handle attachments to support upcoming Airtable attachment changes. It’s one of those silent features where you shouldn’t notice a difference in functionality.
  • For-mu-la field
    • Your field names can now have parentheses and quotes.
    • You can now use Created at and Updated at fields in formulas.

:muscle: Improved

  • Formula field configuration box will now be much more helpful when giving field name suggestions as you type. :brain:
  • Anything involving Workspace settings or retrieving the list of users will now be significantly faster. In practice, it will be faster to preview as someone, and pages that use permissions or filters will load faster. :zap:
  • Preview as user list should now load significantly faster.