Auto-increment record number (ID) from custom startpoint


Is there any way to have the record/ID number to
a) be a custom number , e.g. Job142 or J142
b) have the first record or row start at e.g. J121

So rather than having my table start at record 1, it starts at record J121…and auto-increments each time I add a new record. i.e. next record is J122…J123…J124 and so on.


Hi @dowlass

You should be able to use Sort to filter this using that particular field. More information on sorting your list in the help docs.
Let me know if this is what you are after?

Hi Thu,

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think you quite understand the question.

I am not trying to SORT anything. I want to replace the default numeric sequence of rows, 1-2-3-4-etc, with a custom sequence, J141-j142-J143-J144-etc. The next time I add a new record it should automatically be assigned an ID of J145. And the record after that should be J146, and so on.

Essentially, I want stacker to auto-increment each row ID, but starting from a custom number - J141.


Ah got it!

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment I’m afraid. Please feel free to add the feature on our features request board!