Refreshing stacker roll up fields

I have created a roll up field in stacker so that I can get the roll up value to change as I add records in the related table so I don’t have to wait for the sync between airtable and stacker.
The problem I have is that if I edit a record in the relate table and then when I save the roll up doesn’t change because the page is refreshed.

Is there a way so when you finish editing record to get the save button to close the edit view and force a refresh on the detail page in the same way as when you add a new record?

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Not sure what you mean by creating a Roll up field in Stacker. There is no way currently to create fields in Stacker, the fields are created in Airtable and made visible in Stacker.

With refresh the usual workaround that most people have been using is to have a Refresh button which just sets a checkbox in the background. This forces a refresh for the record only.

Doing that on Save is not available currently as far as I know.


Thanks for the solution for refreshing but how do you implement it ? I’d like my fields to refresh as soon as I change one thanks to an action button.