🎺 Changes for Stacker this week!

Last night was Burns Night here in Scotland, but did you know our national dish of haggis is banned in the US? Outrageous.

And here are this week’s updates to Stacker - as someone who always types “image” when looking for the attachment field I’m happy with that particular change.

:muscle: Improved

  • The activity tab has done some stability training and is now more… stable.
  • The experience of editing records in the data grid should now feel smoother.
  • Related record list widget was not showing all the settings when the linked field was read-only. We will now show all the settings, and mark the settings as disabled if you cannot use them.
  • The size of .csv uploads has increased to an enormous 20mb. That’s a lot of data!
  • We’ve added some synonyms when you search for a field type. For instance
    • Searching for “image” brings up an Attachment field
    • Searching for “equation” brings up a Formula field. And many more!

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed

  • Some links in the admin tray that were linking to other parts of the admin tray were not working. They are now.
  • If you changed the primary field (display name), the field would disappear from the data grid until you reloaded the page. You no longer need to reload.
  • On the login screen, mobile phones would automatically capitalize the first letter of the email because we haven’t set the input field type to email. We will now use the correct input field type.
  • The calendar view would sometimes make events look like they finished a day earlier than they did. Not any more!
  • Sometimes clearing a number filter on a list view would cause a crash.