New in Stacker this week!

Did you know some snails can nap for 3 years?

And here’s what we’ve been up to this week. As always, you can see full release notes here.

:muscle: Improved

  • You can now choose any list layout in the Quick Links widget—useful if you have multiple list views for the same table.
  • Field widgets that use 4 columns didn’t look great on smaller screens. They look snazzy on all (realistic) screen sizes now. :nail_care:
  • [Google Sheets] If you remove a Google Sheet data source from your Stacker app, we will clean up after ourselves and delete the Stacker ID column associated with that app.

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed

  • Clicking the search field of the icon selector in the Quick Links widget would close the icon selector, not letting you search for the icon.
  • Navigation items for pages with role permissions were sometimes disappearing when switching between apps.
  • Comment likes in the Activity tab didn’t actually like anything, but now they do.
  • Related record list would glitch out in rare cases when scrolling the page.
  • Open signup for the non-customer access version of Stacker wasn’t working, but it does now.
  • [Customer Access] Open signup would sometimes seemingly fail on Customer Access apps, so the app users would end up creating duplicate accounts. No more.
  • Some data filters on a linked field were incorrectly showing as invalid filters after you saved them. They will show as valid now.
  • Apostrophes were not working properly on email notifications for the Activity tab.