🗞 New features this week!

Hi all, we’ve a ton of new features and improvements for you this week! You can read the full release notes right here.


  • You can now paste data directly into a data grid. Just text and numbers for now - I quickly show it off in this video.

  • Yes, you guessed it—formula field at it again. New powers:

    • TRIM()
    • UPPER()
    • LOWER()
    • RIGHT()
    • LEFT()
  • You can now search within the Manage fields and data pane.

  • Previous (.stk-pagination-back) and next (.stk-pagination-next) buttons have their own CSS classes.


  • Clicking column headers now organises them: The first click selects the column, the second click sorts in ascending order, the third click sorts in descending order, fourth click goes back to unordered records.
  • The data grid now remembers the width of your columns. But not your friends’ birthdays.
  • When creating Automatic links in Stacker, we will no longer show you fields that would end up creating invalid links. For example, text type fields can now only link to other text type fields, and number type fields can only link to other number type fields. Fake choices, begone!
  • We will now show a bar next to the nested menu items when using light themes. This should make the relationship of the menu items clearer. :musical_note: They are family :musical_note:
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