Created By field isn't working (workspace apps)

Troubleshooting tip: the created by field does not need to be enabled in the create form layout/UI in order to work. However, temporarily enabling it can be helpful for troubleshooting. If created by is properly configured, this drop-down will automatically autofill with the current user’s record.

If your 'Created By" field isn’t working:

  1. First, check that you have set up the field correctly (per this help docs): **

  2. In the table permissions, please confirm that your users have ‘create’ permissions for the created by field. The user needs permission to update the field in the table it is linked to as well.

** If you have up your created by field different than in the help docs (i.e. using a linked field in Airtable)

  • be aware that this configuration will not work for internal/workspace users
  • only the customers in the table the created by field is linked to will be able to use the created-by feature
  • if this is the case for you, make sure to test in customer access

Does ‘created by’ field work for customers or workspace collaborators only?

Hi @CalistaGreen

The created by field works for anyone in your external user table. More info on how to set this up can be found here.