Release notes - Fields, formulas, and filters!

The heads on Easter Island also have bodies?!

But also, here are this week’s release notes:

:newspaper_roll: New

  • [Stacker Tables only] You can now use Created by and Last updated by fields.

  • Created by and Last Updated by can also be used in formulas as functions.
    Layout filters

  • You can now use the “within the next x days” and “within the last x days” in your layout filters.

  • But that’s not all: you can also use last/next/this quarter.

  • Stacker formula field:
    You can now use Record_id
    We also have Date created and date modified

:muscle: Improved

  • Checkboxes weren’t editable in the admin data grid. They are now. :white_medium_square::ballot_box_with_check:
  • App admins can now reorder fields on the admin data grid.
  • Creating an app should now be faster.

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed

  • Inline filters on the Inbox view went on an unannounced, brief vacation. They have returned with a tan, and will show in the Inbox view again. :desert_island:

  • Rich text field has a new found respect for indentations, which means they will now work. Pinky swear.

  • When you scrolled up a bit on the Manage fields screen, we would scroll all the way up to the top of the list. We will now listen to you more closely and scroll up. Just a bit.

  • When importing date lookup fields, we will now respect the timezone options.