Can 'created by' be edited/changed?

So a coach is entering a new client. I want to keep track of that client’s coach in the new record. By default it’s the user entering the new client, but in the future the client might change coaches, requiring the Coach field to be changed. That makes me wary of just using the record ‘Created By’ as the coach, since I’m not sure if a Created By field can be directly edited/changed. What’s the best way to record the coach automatically on the New Client form (the current user) but it still be editable/changeable in the future if the client changes coaches? It needs to not be a text field, but a link to a specific record in the database for that coach.

Hi Tory,

The Created By Setting in Stacker is used along with a Linked Record List and can be changed in the future.

You can then allow for clients or coaches to have the ability to update this field if necessary.

Hope this helps!

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Wonderful! Thank you!!