Delete a Layout

how can you delete a Layout (ok you can mask it ) but to delete ?
I create different layout on the same table (airtable) but I need to delete them to clean my project/
And when a do a copy of a layout it does not , all the time creat a sub-layout
Many questions … sorry

Hi Jacques,

You can delete additional layouts by:

  1. Going to the layout
  2. Select “Edit Layout”
  3. Select the three dots on the top right
  4. Select Delete Layout

If you want to Remove tables from loading into your app you can toggle them off in Manage fields and data:

Otherwise they would need to be deleted on your Airtable account.

Hope this helps!

thanks a lot !! but look more subtile

some are not deletable

and others are

the question is why :thinking:?

thanks to the community if you have any idea

I think I start to understand
layout build from a table cannot be deleted
Layout build from Custom page can be deleted

So you need to buid table layout (use them to define the recodr detail page) then you build page layout as you wxanr and hide the table layourt in the navidation …

Hi Jacques,

Yes you got it!