Allow Users to Delete Records

Creating the delete effect

At the moment, there is not a delete action directly in Stacker. However, this workaround allows you to achieve a ‘delete’ effect for your users by filtering deleted records from their view.

Create the ‘delete’ field.

In Airtable, create a checkbox field to hold the delete value. In Stacker, [run an Airtable update]and enable the new field.

Filter Out Deleted Records

Now, set a visibility filter to only show the records that are not deleted.

Repeat this for the list view and for the detail view.

Allow Users to 'Delete Records’

Without action buttons:

Make sure the user has permission to edit the delete field. To delete, users click into the record, select ‘edit’, check the delete value, and save. The record will then be removed from their view.

With action buttons:

Add a new action button and set it to update the delete field. I prefer to automatically set the value to checked as well and not allow the user to edit the value.

This is the effect:

Optional - rather than having the record disappear completely, I like to set up a banner message that tells the user when the record has been filtered out.

The Result:

OPTIONAL - Delete the record in Airtable

If you’ve followed the above steps, you will likely notice that the record still exists in your Airtable. The admin will still need to manually go into the Airtable to permanently delete the marked records.

To trigger the deletion from Airtable automatically, you can use a Zapier integration or an Airtable automation.

To use an Airtable automation, you would set up the following trigger :

Run the automation when delete equals true. The action would be to update the record > set all fields to empty.