Does Stacker create it's own User Table?

My Airtable base doesn’t have a Users table. But, I see in the settings that there is a different User table, and I have an option to pick up a field.

Should I have a table named “Users” in my Airtable?

Hi @Sachin_Mishra

There are two types of users in Stacker, your workspace users (internal) and your customers (external users)

More information on the types of users can be found in the links below -

Hi @Sachin_Mishra,

That is correct. When you go to your app settings, you will see an additional ‘user’ table listed. This is a comprehensive list made by Stacker of all of the users who can access that particular app. This ‘user’ table will include any customers, and workspace users who you have added in the app. This table exists only in Stacker and will not appear in any of your data.

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As open sign-ups are not allowed, how do I give portal access to a user whose email Id isn’t in my base yet?

At the moment, only customers already contained in the customer list are permitted to register. However, we do hope to allow open signup in future releases of the new version.

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Is there a way to know how many of my users from Airtable have registered on my portal?

There isn’t a way to filter how many users have registered, however if you go into your customer access you can see the dates that users have registered. Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.50.03 pm
Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.49.48 pm

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