I see a field in the table in Stacker which is not in the Table in Airtable

I see a field under the Fields for a table in Stacker App Settings, this field is not there on the table in Airtable.

Could it be that this field got deleted and it’s not reflected in Stacker? The schema has been refreshed, still this shows up.

Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 4.50.56 PM

Hey @ruchikaabbi,

Is the table the field appears on used in the customer list?

If so, this is a Stacker relationship field and is a link that exists directly in Stacker, not the data source. It is automatically created when you add a customer list and links the record to the Stacker User table.

More information on the Stacker User table can be found on this thread.

Hi @Chelsea_Scriven

Yes, the field is on the table used in Customer List. But the weird thing is in this app, I have 2 tables I use in the Customer List. Only one of them has this field. The other one doesn’t. I’ve also checked my other apps, none of the tables used for Customer list have this field.

Hi @ruchikaabbi

Have you run a schema sync? and refreshed the browser to clear the cache?