Export of data to Excel

I would like my customers give the possibility to export data (the current Form) to csv Excel.

Hi @RenzoVenini

It is not possible at the moment, but you can vote for the feature on the link below -

If you are using AirTable as your back end, you can create a read-only share to a view. The user can sort, filter, and export to csv. Keep in mind anyone with the link can see the data, but there is an option to create a password when you are creating the shared view. I haven’t tried embeding the view in a stacker page, but it might be possible.

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I found a solution with Integromat. It is very easy to implement and Integromat is really a great tool - I can warmly recommend it :wink:

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Amazing @RenzoVenini!
if you have some time to let us know how you did this we can add this to our tips and tricks.:smiley:

Was this tip/trick with Integromat added to the tips and tricks. I am interested in learning more!

make.com is the new Integromat . example of a script activated by a webhook in airtable:

Call of the Integromat webhook when a record is created: