Updating values when performing calculations

I have a questions about updating data. I have a Gsheet, which involves a calculation. E.g. column 1 states 2 and column 2 states 4 β†’ column 3 = value of column 1 x value of column 2 = ( 2 x 4 ) = 8.
Questions: when i let a user update the value of column 1 (change from 2 to 3 ) = 3 x 4 = 12.
How long will it take to show the user the updated (calculated) value (in this case 12)? When logged in as admin it is showed directly, but is this the case for all users?

Hi @slimp

This should show to your users directly (similar to what you see as an admin) If you allow your users to see the change within your permission setup.

More information on how permissions work can be found in the link below - https://support.stackerhq.com/hc/en-us/categories/4409597726355

Hi Thu,
I’m kinda confused now, because contact I had earlier yesterday I was told that there is an update time of 15 minutes. ? So, in the example of having a Gsheet, which need to be completely updated once a certain column value is changed, how long will it take to show the changes to a user (given that permissions are set right)?
I just want to understand how Stacker interacts with GS, since Stacker Tables itself don’t have the calculation functions which are required for my app.

If a change is made through Stacker, the changes can be seen immediately in Stacker.

If a change is made in Googlesheets/Airtable, then it will be 15min sync time for this to reflect in Stacker.

However if you have updated something in Stacker but it needs to go back to your datasource to reflect the change then there will be a latency. (so if you have a calculation running that needs to go back to your sheets before the change is seen, then there will be that latency)

Ok, thank you for the clarification!

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