Fix Basic Mobile Chrome & Safari Navigation

For the last 6 month the majority of my users have been unable to use my stacker built solutions in their most readily available web browsers. Stacker users of the top naviagtion configuration are completely unable to access the navigation bar because of some sort of “fit anomaly” in Chrome and Safari Mobile.

When i brought this to the stacker admin teams attention months ago i was told that we should use some other browser, such as firefox, this is an insufficient solution.

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Hi @Nick

Please can you send a message to support, that way we can track the issue you opened.

Thank you!

Sure thing thu, its just been quite a while with no resolution and my team is under pressure. Ill try there again

Heya, Nick! Indeed, I’m sorry for the trouble. That bug is a huge pain, for me as well. But as it isn’t our bug, it isn’t something we can fix for you. :frowning:

The browser should not cover the webpage with its UI, but we can’t stop them if they do. This happens only in Chrome and Safari on iPadOS, and will likely require an update at the OS level (Chrome uses Safari’s webview, though the fact that this doesn’t happen in others suggests they may be using the APIs differently). And while we have tried to find some workaround, we have not been able to (and, frankly, doing so could just cause more problems if it’s fixed in the OS, or in others which are fine). But, as I mentioned previously, any of the following will work:

  • Using side navigation in the Stacker app instead, since it is only the top navigation that the browser UI is hiding

  • Multitasking away from Safari and then back to it – it stops hiding the top navigation after that for some reason

  • Using another browser which does not suffer from this bug, e.g. Firefox, Brave, DuckDuckGo, etc. – I haven’t been able to find any other than Chrome and Safari where this happens

I appreciate that this isn’t ideal, and I’d be annoyed too, but it’s not something we have control over here at Stacker, and using one of the above workarounds (side navigation would be easiest for your users) will help. Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Well, I’m pretty sure that this could be fixed on the stacker side of things rather than assuming chrome or whatever other browser will fix it (assuming it is even a bug on their end).

I’ve assumed this would be resolved without me complaining, but it’s been the same for months and for non-power users (basically my entire company) this is a major UI failure.

Web design in general is a battle to get the browsers to do what you want, but iOS devices all use WebKit to render pages and we have no choice. If you guys can’t fix this, I imagine it won’t be the only one who decides to just move on to something that does work.

Could not agree more.

If I was software company whose entire product was front end UI solutions, intended to be viewed on a web browser, and if the tools I provide my clients do not allow the UI to work on the worlds most common web browsers and devices I would most certainly recognize this to be a problem with my software, not blame the browser.

Nowhere on does it say “build apps only usable on desktop operating sytems” it just says “build apps”

If your using this as one of the main stacker suggested use cases “customer portal” you have no control over the hardware your customers are using, rendering the customer portal useless to any of your customers that only access the internet via their phone.

To clarify this is not just an iPad os problem, it happens to all apple chrome/safari mobile users regardless of phone or tablet. Android users still have errors (company logo and part of navigation cropped off) but at least on android you can still access part of the main navigation