Mobile layout control

Hi! I am new here - spent the day setting things up. I noticed that my choices for page layout are not being translated to the mobile web experience. Do I need to use CSS to control the mobile web experience? If so, is there documentation on structure etc so I don’t have to source hack around in chrome?

Hi @Joe_Olsen,

Stacker uses the latest web technologies for responsive design to make it accessible on mobile devices. However, the admin/builder interface is more complex and is better suited to a computer, so some things will not work as expected when managing an app.

So to be clear - there is currently no way to control the layout on mobile in the admin/builder? Is there any way to address this with CSS? Documentation?

If you are editing the layout we would recommend using a computer. There is no way to use CSS for this as the builder is complex and requires a larger screen size.
This does not affect your users accessing the app.

Hi Joe, you have hit on a pretty large technical issue. I have found that this issue is persistent specifically with both Chrome and Safari Browsers the top navigation is cropped off for the users. It seems to be slightly better when using a browser like opera. This is a huge issue for our team as most of our users access from their phones.

Think you’re describing the same issue I’m having but they’re misunderstanding you maybe. We aren’t trying to edit the interface in mobile, the end user interface has a very annoying but random bug where some pages lose the top level nav bar when viewed on tablet or phone sized screens. There’s something wrong with the responsive css.