Display Page Without App Navigation

Does anyone know if there is a way to display a page without the side app navigation? I want to embed some of our pages into our intranet. The inability to display results without the app navigation is causing us to consider jumping ship to another platform…which I hate to do. We have a lot of time and money into Stacker.

Hi @nikiwilson,

If your users have been added in via a user table -

When they log into the app, they will not see the App Sidebar -

Thing is…I want our users (employees) to see the App navigation when going straight to Stacker. But I want to be able to create pages that are used strictly for embedding into our intranet that don’t show the app navigation.

Ah got it. So this is not possible at the moment. The pages that are embedded will show a login screen for users to log into the app.

I’m ok with a login screen. That wasn’t the question. I want to show individual pages without the app navigation.

Ah I think I understand, apologies I thought you meant the app selection and not the menu items in the app itself.

So no there is no way to just show the page without the navigation, you could just show one menu item to the user by applying permissions so that the user can only see one of the items, but there is no way to get rid of the menu entirely.