Identify which user clicked on a page button

I’m building a directory where users can look at other user profiles.

I want to add the functionality to connect a user with another if a user requests it.

My first approach is adding a page button named Request Intro

Issue: I can’t identify who clicks the button

Any ideas on how to identify which is the user that clicks a page button?

Hey @Alex0, welcome to the community!

This isn’t possible out of the box with Stacker right now, but you can add it to this feature request here.

What you’re trying to do may be possible with the help of PostHog, but would take a bit of work to implement. You can see a video of Ambroise demonstrating it in this thread.

Depending on how you want to exploit the information, PostHog might, or might not be the right solution.

For instance, if you just want analytics (who clicked on it, when, etc.), then PostHog is great.
But, if you want to trigger another workflow then it won’t help.

But, it’s still possible to achieve workflow automation using custom JS. I would typically invoke a zapier/make/airtable webhook whenever someone clicks on the button.