Is there a way to include a "next item" button in an item view?

In the app I’m making there is a certain logic to the sequence of things, where item #1 should be opened first, then item #2, then item #3, etc. However, say you’re coming down to #24 and want to go to #25, then it takes a lot of annoying scrolling. It really wouldn’t work, that way. But a nice, little button working like “go to the next item by clicking here”, would save my project. I thought this would be easy, but so far I have no luck. Do you Jedi’s know a way? I don’t care if it’s hacky :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Akselnwe

At the moment there isn’t a way to specify a button to lead the users to a specific item. This is a great suggestion though and I will pass this feedback onto the team. If you have some time we also have a features request board you can add features that you would like to see as well as vote for any features on there.