Long text to treat as URL

Hi everyone, I’m new to Stacker and try to build an App powered by Airtable. I have formulas in my Airtable that create “Add to calendar” links for Outlook and Google based on event informations such as location, start_time… Stacker recognized it as “long text”. I need to ask Stacker to treat this as URL in order to display it as button but it seems that it is only possible for short text. Anyone know a way to do it ? Thank you per advance.

Hi @Aurelienph31!

One thing you could do is create a formula field that just takes the long text, like below:

You can then display that as a button.

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Thank you Oli, that works great! Do I need to close the topic somewhere?

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The “Solution” checkbox had vanished, but I think it should appear for you now. I’ve marked my reply as the solution anyway, that should do it for now! :slight_smile:

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